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Aside from ending on a slightly sour note–see my post on Saturday’s call from my vascular surgeon!–August was a good month. I started off with my getting rid of the cast for my knee, retiring the wheelchair and being dismissed from the orthopedic surgeon’s care 

I saw  6 movies, ate out in restaurants, had Allen’s car for 10 days, got some good deals at our Gateway Farmer’s Market, started to make arrangements and getting prices for my 20th Leap Year birthday on Monday, February 29, 2016—get use to hearing about!!–and we dodged the bullet regarding hurricane Erika which is always a good sign.

Below is a slideshow of some of my August days starting with the movies I saw: Ant-Man was a delightful surprise, The Diary of a Teenage Girl probably going to be number 1 on my list of worst films for 2015, The Gift a good old fashioned thriller with a great twist at the end, Ricki & The Flash along with We Are Friends disappointing while Phoenix was forgettable.

Any month I get to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, Sweet Tomatoes and Le Bonne Crepe is a good month while the Peter Pan Diner, Arby’s and IHOP are all reliable places.

As always just walking around Gateway brings many delightful site from animals to boats to flowers plus the seeds I bought from The Dollar Tree (like in # 23) are blooming all over my apartment.

And how can a month end without a selfie????



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At 7 PM on a Saturday night your vascular surgeon calls to tell you that results of your c scan  shows your carotid artery is now 80-90% blocked.
Since I can’t handle MRIs he will arrange to have aCTA (I think?) but knowing me he said he wouldn’t tell me not to worry as I wouldn’t anyway! 
If another doctor called me on a Saturday evening I would be concerned but I know he does all his paper work and patient calling on Saturday.
I know IF it was an immediate concern he would have told me to check into the hospital.
The main problem here is that the blockage of blood to my brain (See! I do have one!) could cause a stroke and/or death. Since I have no plans of dying the latter doesn’t concern me while the stroke is another problem.
His nurse will call me, or if I don’t hear from her I should call her, either Monday or Tuesday about the test. I have a feeling I will wind up in the hospital this week.
I do have complete faith in this surgeon so meanwhile as I wait to see what happens I am back to planning my gala 20th Leap Year birthday party on Monday February 29, 2016.

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This is going to be a review of two films, the first being the movie I saw on the screen called “We Are Your Friends” and the movie I was making in my head called “Wes & Zac, Where From Here?”

“We Are Your Friends” is about a DJ, his 3 friends and electric dance music, learning more about the latter than I knew or need to know but, as I have found lately with a few movies, that is more a generation gap than anything else. Incorporated into the movie is a lot of ‘eye candy’ of both sexes along with a screenplay by the director Max Joseph and Meaghan Oppenheimer based on a story by Richard Silverman. It’s an old story offering very few surprises along with an unnecessary ‘aw shucks’ moment during the end credits. Joseph does add a few musical and southern Californian collages that are eye catching and like other films recently, including last week’s “The Diary of a Young Girl” plus last year’s “Birdman”, also uses animation. 

Aside from his good looks Efron hasn’t impressed me yet with his acting though to be fair I have only seen him in 3 films and he does have an impressive scene talking about how a DJ works the crowd. His friends played by Jonny Weston who wants to be a club promoter, actor and drug dealer played by Shiloh Fernandez and Alex Shaffer as the hanger on nerd offer good support. Wes Bentley is a has-been DJ living off his past and has a younger girlfriend, Emily Ratajkowski, with the latter basically in the pretty girl role. 

“We Are Your Friends” was an interesting movie from the point of view I knew nothing about how electronic computer music is made and, of course, nothing wrong with eye candy. It was also interesting for the ‘second movie’ I watched in my head.

When I saw Wes Bentley, September, 1999, when he was 21, in “American Beauty” I walked out thinking “Wow! This is the next generation’s Kevin Spacey!” For the next decade he descended into the world of drugs admitting he made movies only to make money for drugs. He is 37 today, has been clean since 2009 and between his appearance in a Broadway play in 2010 and playing Seneca Crane in “The Hunger Games” in 2012 he has been working his way back but he lost the momentum of stardom that pursued him 16 years ago. 

Zac Efron had his breakout role in “High School Musical” in 2006 followed by the movie version of the Broadway musical “Hairspray” when he was 19 and 20.  In 2013 at the age of 26 it was reported that he completed an alcohol and substance abuse program. Now at 28 will he have a decade unlike the one Bentley had? Did Wes talk to Zac and give him advice and/or did Zav ask Wes what happened and how could he avoid the same mistakes? 

Now that’s a film I would like to see—and make!


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Yes it is HOT and HUMID in Fort Lauderdale at this time of the year but just by walking around you will feel a breeze and be cooler–or so I tell myself!

1. In the title photo and this first photo is Biscuit–Richard’s dog–who is scratching his own back since his owner is busy in the swimming pool!

2. It is very rare to look up and not see a bird somewhere surveying the area.

3. The Queen Crepe Myrtles are at the end of their flowering but there is always one hold out.

4. Looking from my east window–I have to get a close up of those red ‘flowers’!

5. Even lizards seek out the shade in Fort Lauderdale in the summertime.

6. Ah, the Morning Glory seeds I bought in March at the Dollar Tree are finally blooming–now if I will only get up in the morning!

7. One of my favorites–the mushrooms I get at the Farmer’s Market.

8 & 9. Okay folks I need some help here–what kind of palm is this and is the fruit edible?

10. Broken palm fronds which are here, there and everywhere. In ‘the old days’ cities would pay $10 you if you got hit by a falling frond or a coconut–I don’t think they do that anymore.

11. There is always something going on at The Point!

12. Beware of the wild life at the Gateway Terrace apartments!


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The past few weeks I have seen a couple of entertaining movies like “The Gift” and “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”, a few okay films like “Phoenix”{ and “Ricki and the Flash” but I knew, from experience, it would all come to  a screeching halt and it did today with one of the worst movies I have seen this year called “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”. It is one of those movies I got suckered into seeing by word of mouth from movie reviewers of which there seem to be 3-4 every year, not some much from the actual reviews as I very seldom read reviews before I go to see a movie. There was the fact that it played at Sundance and magazines like Entertainment Weekly picked it as a winner and Hollywood Reporter stated ‘a strikingly intimate look—in an outstanding debut film” so off to the movies I went.

It could be that I have forgotten what a teenager is like or the fact that I was never a female teenager and/or that a male teenager losing his virginity isn’t that big a deal but except for a few startlingly incidents like the boyfriend, at 35, of the girl’s, at 15, mother is the one that loses her virginity, that she is shown in full frontal nudity (though in real life she, Minnie, played by Bel Powley, was 21 when it was filmed) along with many sexual scenes from lesbian shots, to teenage girls performing oral sex on teenage boys, the movie is pretty boring and I think it only appeal to teenage girls, maybe some women and voyeurs!

Reading a half of dozen reviews after seeing the movie it seems many give Alexander Skarsgard a pass on having sex with a minor and seem to ignore the fact that all the females, except Minnie’s younger sister, are pretty loose with the sex and drugs including her mother  played by Kristen Wiig, her best friend Kimmie, Madeleine Watres,  a young lady, Margarita Levieva, into gay sex and drugs in all forms.

Surprisingly the only off key acting is by Christopher Meloni who plays Minnie’s father, who lives in New York. I found Wiig and her female friend to be annoying while Bel Powley playing the teenager experiencing her sexual coming out is convincing and off kilter at the same time.

Directed by Marielle Heller, who also wrote the screenplay based on a novel by Phoebe Gloeckner, seems to add some of the  “Birdman” fantasy plus more, shows San Francisco in a good light, also the good and bad of 1979, with many illustrations to add a comic book angle including many a Disney touch and a drawn Aline Komisky-Crumb who ’helps’ Minnie. 

This is a movie I came very close to walking out on but stayed hoping it would redeem itself but, for me, it didn’t.

Diary of a teenage girl Trailer


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Looks like I am going to be running around town in a 2014 Cadillac ATS charcoal gray car for about 10 days! Allen is off to see his daughter, son-in-law and twin grandsons so all I do is take him to airport when he leaves and then pick him up when he comes back. Oh I check his place every 2-3 days and get his mail but aside from that I will be here, there and everywhere!

It is not all fun and games as because of my knee accident I had to postpone my yearly visits to cardiologist, podiatrist, dermatologist, vascular surgeon, orthopedic doctor plus check in with my primary doctor but going to and coming from those appointments I have a list of things I want to do. Plus having my own transportation will save me 2-3 hours for every appointment! Also, after these appointments, except for my primary who I see 4 times a year, I won’t be seeing the doctors until next spring or in case an emergency comes up!

I have made a list of other things to do such as pricing the carrot cake birthday cake made for my 20th Leap Year birthday dinner on Monday, February 29, 2016, in case Zest of Memphis won’t be able to do it. I want to get to The Home Depot to pick up some soil and plants, stop by Big Louie’s and see what he has to offer for a dinner group deal, check out a few hotels for those coming to the party from out of town, get to a few spots I haven’t been able to go to and, just in general, have fun with the freedom of having a car to do and go where I want when I want!

I have a feeling I will be falling way behind on posting, commenting, reading and answering email!


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When you live near water the scenery is always changing. At any time of the day–or night–you can see small, large, old or new boats docked or cruising on the water along with people in canoes or on paddles. (Pictures 1-7)

It is also nice to live in an area where a neighbor can leave her orchid on the stoop and not worry about it being stolen. (Picture # 8)

Walking around you can come across a flowering bush outside the community room or a carefully taken care of  neighbor’s apartment and then there is the Hibiscus in full bloom outside Jackie’s window. (Pictures 9-11)

Along the way you will come across the many–hundreds? Thousands?–of lizards doing acrobatic stunts as if showing off for your pleasure. (Picture#12)

Then you might find this lizard (?) enjoying his life! (Picture #13)

In any case living at Gateway there is always changing sights!


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