JULY 2015 RESUME IN PHOTOS   Leave a comment

As in most months there has been good and bad. I did see 4 movies (pictures 4-7) ate out in at least 6 restaurants (pictures 8-12) including a new and excellent one which I will post about this coming week. At the beginning of the month I was still in a cast for my knee and using a wheelchair while in the middle of the month I was going to physical therapy and by the end of the month I was discharged from PT, put away the cast and wheelchair (pictures 1 and 18).

The rainy season has started which we really need and I posted pictures of Irene and Bills’ gardens. (15 and 16) Rented a car for 2 days which I enjoyed having the freedom (14) and treated myself to blackout curtains for my bedroom. (Picture 19)

Last but not least 2 pictures (2 and 20) of some good looking subjects.  

I have written blogs about all the above subjects this month so if you want to read more just go to the archives.

Looking forward to a great August which will include my having Allen’s car while he goes visit his daughter, son-in-law and twin grand boys, in the middle of the month. I’ve set up appointments with 5 of my specialists–got blind sighted by the knee accident–and then no more doctors until January except my primary in October for blood work!

I am starting to work on plans for my 20th Leap Year birthday party(ies) February 29, 2016, as things are booking up fast since that period of time is high ‘season’ in South Florida. Have to see how many people will be coming from out of town and how many local friends will be coming to 1 or both affairs. I may have to do a blank pre-invite and then go from there. Keep tuned!



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