This past Wednesday I bought: (see 3rd picture) 3-1 pound packages of mushrooms, 4 tomatoes, 2 packages of Romaine lettuce (3 heads each package), 2 pound package of  seedless grapes and a head of cauliflower for a total of $12.50  On Thursday, while in Winn-Dixie I got the prices for the same items: 3 boxes of mushrooms $9, a head of cauliflower on sale $2.95, 4 tomatoes $3.49, 2 pounds of red seedless grapes $4.50 and 2 packages of Romaine lettuce (3 heads per package) for $5.90 for a total of  $22.89  Do the math folks–a savings of $10.39  enough to treat myself to a movie and a piece of carrot cake later!!

A couple of month’s ago the Resident’s Association started a Farmer’s Market at Gateway on the porch of the Country store and right now it is somewhat of a secret! Bob Davis, the president of the RA, goes to the farm and hauls all the fresh fruit and vegetables he can get there and it becomes a bounty to any of the residents who want to take advantage of it. Now if we can get someone to volunteer we might also be able to get it on Saturdays but that’s another story!! As long as the rains stay away you know where I will be Wednesday mornings–yes I said mornings!! I have to set 4 alarms so I can get up and get down there and get what I need/want! (Don’t worry I come back up and go to sleep!)




Posted August 6, 2015 by greatmartin in FOOD

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