SUMMERTIME 2015 PART 3   Leave a comment

Yes it is HOT and HUMID in Fort Lauderdale at this time of the year but just by walking around you will feel a breeze and be cooler–or so I tell myself!

1. In the title photo and this first photo is Biscuit–Richard’s dog–who is scratching his own back since his owner is busy in the swimming pool!

2. It is very rare to look up and not see a bird somewhere surveying the area.

3. The Queen Crepe Myrtles are at the end of their flowering but there is always one hold out.

4. Looking from my east window–I have to get a close up of those red ‘flowers’!

5. Even lizards seek out the shade in Fort Lauderdale in the summertime.

6. Ah, the Morning Glory seeds I bought in March at the Dollar Tree are finally blooming–now if I will only get up in the morning!

7. One of my favorites–the mushrooms I get at the Farmer’s Market.

8 & 9. Okay folks I need some help here–what kind of palm is this and is the fruit edible?

10. Broken palm fronds which are here, there and everywhere. In ‘the old days’ cities would pay $10 you if you got hit by a falling frond or a coconut–I don’t think they do that anymore.

11. There is always something going on at The Point!

12. Beware of the wild life at the Gateway Terrace apartments!



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