At 7 PM on a Saturday night your vascular surgeon calls to tell you that results of your c scan  shows your carotid artery is now 80-90% blocked.
Since I can’t handle MRIs he will arrange to have aCTA (I think?) but knowing me he said he wouldn’t tell me not to worry as I wouldn’t anyway! 
If another doctor called me on a Saturday evening I would be concerned but I know he does all his paper work and patient calling on Saturday.
I know IF it was an immediate concern he would have told me to check into the hospital.
The main problem here is that the blockage of blood to my brain (See! I do have one!) could cause a stroke and/or death. Since I have no plans of dying the latter doesn’t concern me while the stroke is another problem.
His nurse will call me, or if I don’t hear from her I should call her, either Monday or Tuesday about the test. I have a feeling I will wind up in the hospital this week.
I do have complete faith in this surgeon so meanwhile as I wait to see what happens I am back to planning my gala 20th Leap Year birthday party on Monday February 29, 2016.

Posted August 30, 2015 by greatmartin in HEALTH

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