I really don’t like being hard on a brand new restaurant that isn’t even finished but from what I experienced I don’t think I will go back.

The shopping plaza that the new Buenos Aires Café has opened in has recently been renovated and this particular storefront is a little hard to find especially since they haven’t any signs outside. They do have outside seating which sort of helped us find the door.

We were greeted immediately by the server Alexa who did a good job, except for one slight mistake, with a positive attitude and a bubbly personality but not overdoing it. The Café is pleasantly decorated with a green theme and an interesting ceiling.

The placemat is the menu and after looking it over Allen and I decided to split two dishes. We ordered the salmon ($15) served on a bed of spinach top of a thick slice of broiled tomato and the spinach ravioli ($14) with a creamy mushroom sauce. He had a 8.5 oz bottle of diet coke ($2.50) and I had ($2). We told Alexa that we were going to share and she immediately put a clean plate in front of each of us.

The salmon was cooked a bit too long though it did have a good taste while the ravioli  was the better of the two dishes. Planned or not the salmon was served first and the ravioli after. This is where Alexa made that slight mistake by not bringing us fresh plates so we had to split the ravioli on the already used fish plates along with using the same utensils. I did suggest, because the sauce was excellent, serving some bread with the pasta and Alexa immediately said she would relay that to the chef.

My biggest disappointment with the Buenos Aires Café was that the portions were small enough that I, or Allen, could have eaten both dishes and still have left hungry. Most of my experiences in Buenos Aires cafes in Argentina, and other Argentina restaurants in our area, didn’t leave me feeling I had a snack instead of a lunch. I sort of rationalized that maybe they were buying into the whole ‘healthy living’ stores they are surrounded by.

The check, with tax and tip, came to $33.50 We had a groupon so saved $13 BUT I just now noticed looking at the check that a gratuity was put on the check which I wouldn’t even think of looking for at the Buenos Aires Café. At the bottom of the check it says “We are happy to add a gratuity to your bill. Kindly select from above” where they give 4 choices. We were never asked to select a tip, we were never told it was put on the check. Yes, that was/is MY fault but be careful.

The bottom line is that the lunch cost us $47 and, consequently, my fault or not, won’t go back.

Buenos Aires Café slideshow


Posted September 12, 2015 by greatmartin in RESTAURANT REVIEWS


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  1. I don’t know that you did anything stupid Martin! Seems absurd that a gratuity should appear on the bill…..it’a almost contrived? non?

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