There is so much talent among our community residents and it shows up in many ways whether it be in growing a garden, nursing a plant, painting pictures, modeling various forms out of wood and even at pot luck dinners!

I have already posted slideshows of Irene and Bill’s gardens and some of John’s artwork. This slide show is an example of just some of Chuck’s work. Whether it be a birthday, a get well or just a happy card he is there sharing his work. From pop up cards to a postal cards he is working away.

For many years he has done the artwork for the “Celebration of Friends” gala and he work is all over San Francisco and Las Vegas from his younger days.

Below are just a few examples of how I have benefited from his artistry.

1. A sign for our country store.

2-10. From taking the Harvey Milk stamp and making a series of cards to popup cards covering all occasions he is an artist at work.

11-15. I opened my door the other day and there was this ice cooler all decorated, his not even knowing that I would have to get a cooler for the Oscar party I am throwing on February 28, 2015, in our community room as just one of the ’specials’ celebrating my 20th Leap Year birthday on February 29th.

The slideshow is a little bit long but even then you will miss a lot of the detailed work he puts into his efforts!

Thanks Chuck for sharing your life and your work with me.


Posted September 14, 2015 by greatmartin in ARTIST

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  1. The link is broken or some such I’ll try to find time to troll your youtube page for it later.

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