Anne Hathaway glows in “The Intern” whether she is leading 200+ employees of a company she founded or getting drunk and throwing up into a dumpster or crying when she has been betrayed or any of the many emotions she experiences in this 2 hour movie. On the other hand it is time Robert De Niro gave up broad comedies as he is only repeating every movement and mugging face he has made since “Analyze This”, “Meet The Parents” and “Meet The Frockers”. He has made many comedies throughout his career but for the past decade and a half it seems he wants to be Jerry Lewis!

For a comedy “The Intern” is only mildly amusing with the funniest scene having nothing to do with advancing the plot but a ’breaking and entering’ mission, which was written, and directed, by Nancy Meyers who has had success with previous films dealing with whether a woman can ‘have it all’. Most of the film was made in Brooklyn showing the New York borough as green and sparkling and having an empty parking spot for any in the cast of the film.

The various supporting characters from Anders Holm as Hathaway’s stay at home husband and dad to their very precocious daughter JoJo Kushner to Rene Russo as a love interest for De Niro–whew! No, not Hathaway! Among young employees in Hathaway’s company Peter Vack, Andrew Rannells, Nat Wolff along with Linda Lavin, Zack Pearlman and Christina Holtan and others do what they can with the material given them.

“The Intern” is a pleasant movie but drags in spots and touches on subjects without following through such as Hathaway’s relationship with her mother. 

Oh yes I don’t ever remember seeing so many pillows on beds, decorative or utilitarian, whether in a home or a hotel!



Posted September 25, 2015 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT

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  1. Think I’ll pass on this one Martin….and you can never have TOO MANY pillows on your bed…lol

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