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How do we know it is the end of Summer? It was only a high of 85 degrees and it even went all the way down into the 70s in the early morning! Welcome to Autumn in South Florida!

Once again the Residents Association came through in spite of new rules by the new owners. They are no longer allowed to post notices up in elevators and on bulletin boards around the property so it is now, more or less, word of mouth when something is going on and this “End of the Summer” party was something going on!

On the menu were:

Hot Dogs



All the trimmings for the above

Different chips with different dips





Drinks (No not THAT kind–another rule!)

(Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for not having anything! I know me and it is easy for me to have nothing than to have one thing and stop. If I had that one thing there would have been no cakes, cookies and/or candies for anyone else!)

By a quick count I would say there were 20-30 party goers out of a potential 300. Seems that at the next RA meeting (Tuesday Oct. 13) suggestions will have to be discussed about how to get the word out when an event is happening. Anyone have a good idea let me know and I will suggest it to the group. 

Meanwhile take a look at the people and food involved with the “End of the Summer Party”:




Posted October 12, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE

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