It’s amazing how tough my life is! I open my door and I am faced with a lush green tree that is home to about 3-4 bird nests (picture #1)—which was almost destroyed 11 years ago with hurricane Wilma–and I walk to the mail boxes and are faced with more of Mother Nature such as flowers blooming (#11) or a lizard hiding (#3) or enjoying a buffet (#4) not to forget the birds that are always around (#2).

If life around me isn’t great than the Gateway Resident’s Association adds to it from Saturday’s bagel give away (#s7,8,9) during summer and the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and/or Friday (#s 5, 6) I have never seen such a variety of bagels and the fruits and vegetables are so inexpensive!

Feeling a little ambitious–and I do it at least once every 5 years–I switched my bedroom around (#14). Add to that a great gesture by a resident John who just bought himself a new TV so he gave me his ‘old’ one. Now I have a 32” (mine) and a 40” (he gave me #s 12, 13) and I plan to put the 32” (in back of John’s) in my second bedroom or if Allen wants it for his guest bedroom I’ll give it to him!

Last but not least I have discovered a new format for pictures (#15) so I have been playing with that–used it also in my avatar!


Posted November 11, 2015 by greatmartin in LIFE

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