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Photos 1, 2 & 3 No matter what kind of weather Mr. Cat has to have his nap every day at 4:30 in the same window! (I will be writing more about him!)

Photo 4  Does the bird know he is going in the wrong direction? Does he know that senior citizens drove cars down this path?

Photo 5  Always a sign that thunderstorms are on their way

Photo 6  My buy at the Farmer’s Market–all for $9

Photo 7 & 8  Full moon outshining the clouds

Photo 9 Mother Nature doesn’t allow concrete and elevators to stop growth of trees.

Photo 10 Are those new fonds growing out of the wrong place on the palm?

Photo 11  Last year the orchids were white! What happened?

Photo 12 Mac, from Toronto, and Allen having a snack at Subway–their new Korean pulled Pork BBQ foot long–very good.

Photo 13 Can we blame Mother Nature for this?


For some reason the video won’t appear here–just copy and paste–you have to see the last picture!!

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