It was Tuesday morning December 1, 2015. The maintenance guy was coming in to change the filters on the air-conditioners so I had left a note on the door “Come on in but don’t wake the old man. :O) Martin”, they all know not to disturb me before 11 AM. I got up around 10, got dressed and started to answer my email and there was a knock on the door. I figured he was coming back to change the filter in the bedroom’s a/c otherwise I never would have answered the door but if I had I would have looked through the door eye piece and would have seen them. I opened the door and there was Chuck and Terry. They had said something about not being able to come to my 20th Leap Year birthday party so they decided to surprise me and they did!!!

 I should have suspected something. I had gotten a new computer and wrote Chuck about taking my ‘favorites and bookmarks’ from the old desktop to the new one and he said he would call me Tuesday and walk me through it—he did! In person! He set up the new computer and showed me a bit about Windows 10. Between the two new things I knew I would be driving Chuck crazy even though he tried to convince me thatgoogle was my friend!

They had one morning of sun being able to go down to the beach but the next 3 days we had rain—heavy rain! On Wednesday we drove up north, out west, to the east and back down south—will get into that in another post! LOL

In case you haven’t seen this take a look! It’s my favorite video!!  Terry took it THAT morning! Can you hear what I said at the end? (WON’T POST IT ANYMORE–THIS YEAR!)

Part 2? Martin + friends = food!

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