My memory isn’t much good when it comes to dates but back in 1977 or ’78 (‘someone’ stole my diaries from the latter 1970s) I was in Overton Park and met a guy called Chuck—almost lost him but that is another post. I don’t quite remember the date I met Terry (2006? ) but I do know he was at my 18th Leap Year birthday.

Meeting Chuck was a life saver in many ways being there when I needed him, listening to my nonsense, seeing me at my worst and best. He has come to accept me for me with all the good and bad—though we would disagree I feel there is more good than bad!! (Otherwise why would he be my friend?!) Trust me when I say he has been there for me when I needed someone to talk to or cry on a shoulder. He knows my lack of a money gene and though I have never seen him shake his head I know he has. At my worst I know I will always get a smile from him—sometimes in frustration and not taking advice, his or anyone else’s!  He has also shown quite a lot of patience as my computer/Internet guru but he has only himself to blame for that as he gave me my first desktop computer.

Now Terry is another story! He picks on poor, little innocent me with zingers in person, on the Internet and everywhere else and I, being shy, never counter attack! Okay you know that is a lot of bull! I think there is an unwritten agreement between us that we can take whatever the other one deals out though one time I acted like a prima donna—yes I know that is hard to believe but it happened.

Chuck and Terry got married in 2013 and I believe next year they will be celebrating being together for 11 years. I am glad they have found each other and I am glad to be part of their family.

On Tuesday December 1st there was a knock on my door absolutely surprising me and making a great memory that I will keep forever but more about that in other—many other posts!

Chuck and Terry I love you both and I am proud, happy to know you are FRIENDS of mine!  (Even if I didn’t get a convertible with a year’s worth of auto insurance but more of that later!)

Chuck & Terry slideshow

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