We had a choice between seeing “Sisters” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. I didn’t want to see the former because I know though being sold as a comedy I would cringe as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, talented writers, directors, actresses and comediennes would tell penis, fart, vagina, crass, crude and rude jokes showing they could get as low as men which seems to be the fad among woman comediennes in movies today.

I did a bunch of calls regarding availability of seats at the many theatres showing “Star Wars” and I was surprised to find out that quite a few said ‘no problem’ so off we went.

I do believe in Santa—that should count for something with sci-fi fans—so I don’t want to get any bad marks with only a week to go. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is a movie 2 hour and 25 minutes long and I can honestly say I wasn’t bored for a total of 5 minutes! Seeing it in 3D didn’t help.

It was fun seeing Harrison Ford in his Han Solo/Indiana Jones mode though more of the latter than the former and having a few funny lines. I was impressed with John Boyega as a storm trooper and Daisy Ridley as a desert scavenger but there was a big misstep when it came to showing their growing relationship and they will, obviously, be in future sequels. Does the director realize it isn’t shocking for a Black man and a White woman to kiss? (That’s not a spoiler—if you don’t see that story line coming you will probably enjoy the episode of “Star Wars”.)

Oscar Iassac as a hot shot pilot, Adam Driver as a Darth Vadar junior, Max von Sydow in a cameo and Carrie Fisher in not much more than a cameo all offered something but I don’t know what! Domhnall Gleeson as a fiery General Hux acted with more facial expressions than Chewbacca (Peter Mayhem), R2-D2 (Henry Baker) or C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) but after doing some research I can’t say who ‘voiced’ BB8.

One stunner in the movie was that I had no idea what role Lupita Nyong’o played until I got home and googled the cast to find out she played Maz Kanata and that’s all I’ll tell you!

It was great hearing John Williams score but it seems the director J. J. Abrams and writers Lawrence Kasdan, Michael Arndt were following the original Star Wars films, including ‘the best of…’ from the complete series but they did forget Yoda though not the bar.

I don’t want to think I would have enjoyed “Sisters” more but maybe?????


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Trailer



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