Christmas  Card Collage

(Now this person knows me! Plus it included a Dollar Tree gift card!)

I waited patiently all evening on Thursday, Christmas Eve, December 24 but Santa didn’t show! I decided then and there that I would not waste another year being a good boy!

It turns out that he had a lot more kids to give toys to so he had to leave the good adults, like me, for Christmas Day and, WOW!, did he deliver and reward me for being good!!

It started when I woke up in the morning to find that I had won $10 with the Fantasy 5 lotto ticket I had bought the day before! May not sound like a lot but with my Leap Year dinner party coming up I need every penny I get!

The next gift Santa gave me was in the disguise of the movie house manager where we went to see the 11 AM movie as he treated us to seeing the movie!! WOW!! Whether it was because I got up so early or because I think their movie theatre is the best around and I go practically every Friday, and sometimes Tuesdays, I had a big grin on my face walking into the auditorium.

Next we were off to the Sea Isle Casino for their Christmas Day buffet. I had called a few times because I wasn’t sure what the cost was and the first person I talked to said it was $19.99 For some reason that didn’t sound right as I remembered paying more last year so I called again and was told it was $27.99 plus a few dollars more if I wanted to have all the crab legs I wanted to eat. Imagine my surprise when I got there and found out, including tax a free beverage it was only $15.89! When you read my review of the Farmer’s Pick Buffet, which is what they call that restaurant, you will understand better why the price was outrageous in a good way!

On the way I out I decided to take a chance on the slots. Now you have to understand I am not a good gambler—I cry when I lose!—so I decided to play $5 on the penny slots. I had no idea what I was doing and just pushed buttons when all of a sudden the lights were flashing, the bells were ringing until everything got silent. I had no idea what happened but I pushed the ‘collect’ button—what did I have to lose? $5?—and the slip came out saying I had won $78 and change!! I grabbed Allen and said that we should get out of there!

With all that I got home exhausted ready to call it a day when I saw the red envelope with a card in it that I had forgotten to open and laughed myself silly reading it—this person really knew me! Adding to that was a gift card for The Dollar Tree store—who could ask for anything more? I couldn’t but I got more when I opened a gift basket I had received that had a bunch of goodies. I knew I had to eat them all because the next day it was back on my diet to get down to the goal I want to reach by February 29 and if I started to behave myself after the food orgy I had been on earlier I would reach that goal!

Well the bottom line looks like I will have to be a good boy for another year! Thanks Santa!

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