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This December was one of the best months of this year, if not all Decembers, for me. It started with Chuck and Terry from Memphis taking me by surprise with a visit!

I have so many pictures that I wanted to make a slideshow of at least 100 but that would be a bit too much, even for me. Here are just a few highlights from the month.

  1.   My favorite picture of the year
  2. My new computer (on the right) with Windows 10 that Chuck put together for me.
  3. The new chair (right) that Chuck & Terry bought me
  4. The much needed new shopping cart

5-7  Theatre: Grinch, Kinky Boots (which I’ll be seeing again as the climax of my 20th Leap Year birthday) and Sound of Music

8-10 Only saw 4 movies this month including seeing Spotlight for the second time, The Danish Girl (disappointing), Star Wars The Force Awakens (boring) and Joy

11-17 Ate out about 12 times including at Big Louie’s, Café Vico (Chuck, Allen, Terry), Denny’s, IHOP, Quarterdeck, Outback, and the Sage

18-20 A great visit from Santa with free movie tickets and a $78 winning ticket at the penny slots.

  1. My Christmas table with a Poinsettia, a miniature Christmas tree, a gift basket and snail mail cards from all over the world.

2015, in spite of a caritod artery surgery that made me look like Frankenstein (but a good looking one!) for a few weeks, has been a really good year for me and with my 20th Leap Year birthday coming up on Monday February 29 I am looking forward to 2016!


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