Where do I start? There is nothing wrong with Charlotte Rampling’sperformance but certainly not worth an Oscar nomination over either Lily Tomlin in “Grandma” or Charlize Theron in “Mad Max” just to name possibleother candidates. Do I say that the film is ‘much ado about nothing’ and would have been served better being a one hour TV movie on Lifetime or Netflex

“45 Years” seems just that long in spite of the running time being only 95 minutes but it is padded with many scenes of Rampling, sometimes with a dog, sometimes not, walking on the admitted beautiful shots of Norfolk landscapes where the story takes place or one extended scene of her playing the piano.

The conflict, that took place before they met, seemingly upends all that they have had is really a flimsy reason for what takes place. She was a teacher, he a factory manager and they have had a 45 year loving, comfortable, childless marriage with both being retired now, she still very active and he slowing down to illness.Without giving anything away it seems very far fetched that things always available are now seen and read for the first time.

Watching the performances of Charlotte Rampling and Tim Courtenay, who have been stars for over 50 years, are always a joy to watch and even though their silences can say a lot here they really aren’t given substantial material to work with.  There is a scene between the two having sex that is very funny and could be real to life but it isn’t enough.

“45 Years” is one of the very few films that I would recommend seeing on the small screen instead of a theatre screen.



Posted January 29, 2016 by greatmartin in ENTERTAINMENT, MOVIE REVIEW, Uncategorized

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