MY JANUARY 2016 REVIEW IN PICTURES   Leave a comment


Just when I think I couldn’t have a better month than I had last month the next month comes along and it is not only better but goes by faster—too fast!

I did a lot of the ‘usual’ things in January like go to the movies every Friday, eat out, though this time it was in all the old familiar restaurants, saw two musicals and reviewed them on In addition to that I am deep into getting THE birthday dinner of the year for my 20th Leap Year birthday set up: sending out invitations, planning the birthday cake, talking to Marco at the Café Vico about the dinner menu, getting center pieces, not mention especially made M & Ms (which arrived early and I have to fight not opening the box/bag and not eating them all!) along with other items. That I’ll be in hock for the rest of the year is another story.

Then there are my Thursday adventures in The Dollar Tree store where I am always discovering new things including the chicken burner covers and placemats which makes me think of one person but I am not naming names or Maine or rivergirl. Oh yes, Dollar Tree got in their Spring flower and vegetable seeds so you know I will be talking a lot about that not to forget their Fairy Catcher kit!! The Morning Glory plant is from the seeds I got there last year.

Last but not least I thought the last shot in the slideshow was something you needed to have/see!


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