People laugh because I started getting ready for this party last September but it has taken this long just to get some of the necessities ready like sending out invitations (and getting people to respond!), getting various items for the event and I am still not finished. As soon as I get a head count I have to talk to Marco about which room I want the dinner to be, have to get to the baker and choose from 3 different cake ideas, get balloons, happy birthday banners, not to forget I do want to spend time with out of town guests and take them around Fort Lauderdale—getting closer but I am breathing easier!

On top is a ‘celebration’ picture that will be in our paper the last Sunday of the month compliments of the Sun-Sentinel (because I am old!!!)

  1. This is just the front page of the menu
  2. Cameras—there will be a camera at each table and each will be able to tale 27 photographs—at the end of the dinner I will collect them and have them developed, make a collage or send individual pictures to people who want them
  3. Free birthday meal at the Courtyard Café in Wilton Manors.
  4. A $30 dinner certificate from the Sea Watch—one of my favorite restaurants
  5. A center piece to be put on each table
  6. If you look you can see Happy Birthday on it

7 to 10 poems written for and about me to be part of a package

  1. What I think will be the hit of the party—except for the cake—are the special M&Ms I had made with the date and a picture of me.
  2. The Café Vico in the evening where the dinner will take place.


And a pen engraved with the date of the party will also been given to everyone and still more to come!

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