Little By Little It Is All Coming Together   1 comment


Had lunch this afternoon at the Cafe Vico to finalize the dinner plans now that I have a guest count. Instead of the party room I asked Marco if we could have the room off the main dining-room and he said that it wouldn’t be a problem. The pictures above are how the tables look today. I told him to arrange the tables anyway he wanted to and that I would come in at 5:30 PM that Monday to put the centerpieces on the tables, put the special M&Ms in the monkey dishes at each table and put up the Happy Birthday banners. Also I have printed up the menu, a note–no speeches–from me, poems written to and about me along with special pens that I ordered.

The day before I went to the Sweeter Days bake shop where Steve and I talked about the cake design I wanted and what I wanted it made out of–give you two guesses! He said he would deliver it to the Cafe Vico that day at 5:30 PM and Marco said he would have a separate table to show it off.

On the 29th I will ‘ship’ the out of town guests off to see Fort Lauderdale from the Inter-costal while I get the balloons and do a last few minutes things.

It is all coming together and soon I will be able to start thinking of 2020 when I will become 21!!

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  1. It does look like it’s all squared away. This is gonna be a birthday to remember.

    Tina's Faerie Files

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