The next 4 years will whiz by but I will have great memories from this year of my 20th birthday. There will be the two Geranium plants I got at The Home Depot with a gift card and the orchids that I hope I don’t kill by over-watering. I will be busy getting my new address book up to date and will have a ball–or go crazy–filling in my new password logbook that I got at Barnes & Noble withanother gift card. Oh yes I will be eating Subway sandwiches and going to the Coral Ridge AMC theatre and the Gateway Theatre with other gift cards.

I have plans for the Target gift cards and that Visa debit gift card will come in handy! Might buy the recliner I want with those and the generous cash gifts I got. I’ve already spent my Winn-Dixie gift cards on food treats!!

Staring today I am going down to the Point getting some sun for at least an hour and start reading the 3 books I got. On Sundays I’ll have a special treat reading the New York Times.

For the next 4 years I’ll be able to look around my apartment and I’ll be able to see one of the center pieces I had on the dinner table and in 2 weeks, if not sooner I will have all those photographs taken by my guests developed along with a CD of each. I might even take one of the balloons, when they deflate, and either make it part of the collage I am planning–that alone should take me 4 years!!–or put one on the wall.

I’ll remember seeing “Phantom of the Opera” in Miami and “Kinky Boots” in Fort Lauderdale, the latter with Glenn seeing him for the first time in over 40 years, Mary–a lot more about our meeting in another post–and her sister Pat.

And how can I ever forget the M&Ms and NOT eating them for a month?!? Plus I have some of the engraved pens that I hope will last for awhile along withthe taste of the great food at Cafe Vico. And how could I forget that cake??

Time to start planning for my 21st birthday in 2020!!!

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