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My last two published books
I have 6 manuscripts sitting on my desk–one is a play, 2 are nonfiction and the other 3 are fiction. All in all I have 8 books published and I self published my last two. I wrote them all without any audience in mind–the one and only book I ever wrote with readers in mind was the last one published called “Letting It All Hang Out”. I mainly wrote to clear my head of ideas that have been there for awhile. Even the non-fiction books which were motivational for people who wanted to lose weight were my thoughts on my battle with fat.
Of the ones mentioned in the first paragraph the 3 I called fiction (and the play) are actually nonfiction (I don’t remember the term Truman Capote used regarding “In Cold Blood”)–though the characters are fictionalized (law suits, you know) the events, places, etc. are real.
The one completely fictionalized is “…And The Oscar Goes to…” where I was trying to put my mind in a actresses point of view.
“The Free Prisoner” –This was published in 2005 and, I think, my best book–it is about a gay boy in the Bronx ‘coming out’ in the 40s and 50s.
“Five Sided View Of A Man” –a two act play–1 set–6 characters–a man at 60 looks back on his life one decade at a time
“The Gay Pariahs” ) Gay life from the 1940s to the 1990s seen through the eyes of the main character and his friends, lovers, etc.
“For What We Had” A true love story from the meeting of the 2 main characters through a newspaper ad and what leads to the breakup and the aftermath–told through letters, notes, cards, diaries, etc.
“The Looks Of Love” 2 Gay, Jewish, Yankees move to the deep South in the 70s–though the relationship is a financial success it is a very destructive one.
When you write who are you writing for?

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  1. Originally I was a media writer (script and advertising). It was ‘churn out’ stuff and not terribly inspiring. At a awkward time in my life, I decided to go to University so I could learn to write ‘properly’. I completed a double major and post grad (Literature and Theatre Studies) taught for many years. Now in my twilight years, I write reviews, mostly film. Its called ‘therapy’ and I do it for me……got to keep the brain active!

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