“Hello, My Name Is Doris” Trailer


“The Divergent Series: Allegiant” Trailer


“My Name Is Doris” is a small $2-3 million movie showcasingproven veteran  Sally Field at her comedic and dramatic best while “Allegiant” is a $150 million movie starring newcomerShailene Woodley showcasing special effects.

Doris (Field) is a spinster working as an accountant who is grieving for the mother she has taken care of and who recently died and the life she might have had. She has become a hoarder and at times escapes into a Walter Mitty world now fantasising about a man half her age who has just joined the company. Is she eccentric in her dress and appearance, a senior citizen losing it or a dreamer who has never had a time to dream. With a supporting cast of Max Greenfield as the hunky new coworker, Tyne Daly as her best friend, Stephen Root as Doris’s brother and WendiMcLendon-Covey as her sister-in-law along with Peter Gallagher offer strong support but whether Field is being funny going clubbing at night with her young coworkers or hitting the right moment when letting the loose the long resentment she felt being her mother’s caretaker ‘we like her, we really like her’!

“Allegiant” makes the same mistake “The Hunger Games” did only a lot worse. Both young adult trilogies are stretched by making the third book into two parts and the third part of this “Divergent Series” adds nothing to what will end the story to be shown in 2017. In fact except for many of the same actors this chapter seems like a different film. 

Whereas Shailene Woodley stood out in “The Descendants”, “The Fault In Our Stars”, and the first two parts of the DivirgentSeries, here her relationships with her brother Caleb (AnselElgort), her love interest Four (Theo James), her ally Christina (Zoe Kravitz) or the irrational Peter (Miles Teller) are put in the background and the special effects brought forth adding nothing to what may be coming.

While many more millions of people will go to see “Allegiant” and it will make many more millions than “Hello, My Name Is Mary” I recommend the latter over the former.

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