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Martin IS Great – Final Thoughts…..

I’ll have to admit, and I’ve been on a lot of trips in my life, but the trip my sister and I took to Fort Lauderdale couldn’t have been more perfect…well, there was only one small glitch going through security on the way home.

We each carried a small piece of luggage and a knapsack, both of which went on the plane so we didn’t have to worry about checked luggage. On the way down, we were waved through security without a second blink, and the same would have likely happened upon our return if I hadn’t been wearing a Mockingjay pendant around my neck.

When I walked into, then out of, the full body x-ray thingie, the woman security agent told me I had set off a BREAST ALERT .  I thought a second and then pulled the pendant out, showed her, and said this is likely what did it. She looked at it, smiled, and asked if this came from the Hunger Games movie, which I told her YES and that I had purchased all the DVDs.  She asked if I had seen the last movie, and I had – so a  short conversation followed.  She said she had to check me anyways – I lifted my arms and said “go for it” and she copped a quick feel of my BOOBS and sent me on my way.  LOL.

Well THAT was a first!!

So anyways, looking back on this trip, neither me nor my sister could think of anything negative to say about it. I mean NOTHING. Jet Blue was perfect… the hotel was perfect and very accommodating, the party was perfect, Uber was perfect, all the meals were perfect, the theatre was perfect, Marty’s friends were perfect, and meeting Marty was the highlight of my trip and was what mean the most to me.

It was great to me his good friend Allen. Allen and I have been in touch before when Marty landed in the hospital for one reason or other. So nice to have been able to give you a hug Allen.

Glenn, who drove down from Georgia was very personable and always had a smile on his face. Loved meeting you Glenn!!

It was great meeting all your friends, Marty, at your party – unlike any party I’ve attended. So tasteful and delicious.

But my main reason for going was not only to share a wonderful time with my sister, but getting the opportunity to finally meet my dear friend who I’ve known since 2009 and is now considered a part of my family. We all love you Marty!  Thanks for being such a classy host, making sure everything went smoothly for us, and making my day a little brighter, as you continue to do each and every day of the year!!

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