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“Miles Ahead” is an odd Hollywood bio of a Black jazz musician. It has all the clichés such as his being a heroin/coke addict, physically abusing his wife, (a beautiful Emayatzy Corindealdi), being beaten by police and arrested, a sex addict, etc., but it is told in a very strange way. The film deals with the past and present, sometimes in the same frame, but telling us little about the man himself.

I was looking forward to this movie because I was/am a big fan of Miles Davis’s music since I saw him for the first time at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1955 when I was 19 when I was on leave from the Marines. I collected all his records and when I lived in NYC in the early 1960s I saw him in many clubs. I just knew the man as a musician nothing about him personally and the film really doesn’t help there.

There has been good word of mouth about the film, and Dan Cheadle’s performance as Miles Davis, plus his first directorial effort and he co-wrote the screenplay with Steven Baigelman. Miles has a limp but it is never explained just as his very raspy voice isn’t, unless it is and because Cheadle takes that rasp very low we don’t hear it but that’s not really the case. When I got home I googled it and it seems it was due to after operation when he wasn’t suppose to talk for 10 days he yelled on the second day! And the limp was due to a bad hip.

Another negative is that it turns into an action movie with a car chase!

While Cheadle does give a good performance I really don’t see it as an Oscar worthy one though much is being said about it unless it is a reaction to the Oscar nominations of this past February. The movie, like a jam session, is all over the place but the one constant is the music of Miles Davis on the sound track. Here, also, Cheadle makes a misstep by not playing a continuous full out, fully filmed complete music number until the end credits eventually turning into a new rap song.

Instead of seeing “Miles Ahead” I suggest you put on one of his records, sit back and be transformed by the man’s trumpet playing.

“Miles Ahead” movie trailer



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The Point 3 April 23 2016

We had a few cold days—hey, a low of 48 and a high of 66 is COLD in South Florida—and then a few days later back to lows of high 60s and mid 70s. While so many around the world (No, not you Australia!!) are experiencing snow, sleet, hail, freezing temps, we have cats strolling along or taking a nap, flowers in bloom, a fairy catcher (don’t laugh—you’ll see) a chest naked paddler on the water, etc. Do I miss the 4 seasons? NO!

Winter slideshow


1 to 3 Yes cats have to take a rest in the sun.

  1. Yes you are reading it right—the box says it is a fairy catcher—so far no fairies caught but I will report on it next month!

5 & 6 The marigolds and morning glory flowers are from seeds I got at The Dollar Tree last February and now they are on sale again!

7 to 9 Boats and that bare-chested paddler enjoying The Point while some people up North are scrapping ice off their wind shields!

10 Signs of Spring to come

11 I LOVE this flower—a candy stripe Amaryllis

12 A collage around Gateway where I live.

As the old commercial use to say “Come on down!” Only a high of 87 degress today!

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The Point 2 April 23 2016 (1)

The most often asked question of someone living in South Florida is, “Don’t you miss the 4 seasons?” and I can, emphatically, answer “NO!” Yes we have a couple of days when the high temperatures might only be in the 60s and on some very rare mornings it might even dip into the higher 40s but most of the time the average high temperatures in the winter from December to March are in the high 70s and the lows, in the early morning, 50s and 60s.

There are many jokes made about the ‘4 seasons’ like it is the early bird season, the snow bird season, the hot and hotter season not to forget the hurricane and rainy season! (We haven’t had a hurricane in 10 years plus the rainy season seems to be changing due to weather conditions but that’s another post.)

All the pictures in the slideshow were taken in late December and all through January. In the first picture if you look hard you will see the wild parrots that visit us every evening just before sundown!

Mother Nature doesn’t know from seasons and does her own thing like the Crepe Myrtle trees change their colors and drop off the leaves in January & February, not September and October!! Our autumn comes in the middle of winter.

You’ll see people canoeing or paddle boarding while yachts wait to take a trip. You’ll see a lemon tree with fruit so big they look like oranges. Hibiscus’s are in bloom in all colors, along with cacti and Egrets go hunting for food after each rainfall.

The Morning Glory and Marigold blooms are from seeds I bought March 2015 at the Dollar Tree store. In the last picture you’ll see Biscuit, the bigger older dog, playing with, tolerating? Meatball the young pup down at The Point while the humans talk about how all their relatives are freezing, fighting snow and ice! And, yes, we email you, call you and ask, “Don’t you wish you were here?” as we laugh to ourselves so that you don’t hear it!

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After seeing “A Hologram for the King” the word that stays in my mind is interesting, not an interesting movie but for some interesting visual scenes.

Going from a man in possibly a middle age crisis to a story about a fish out of water to a West meets East tale the movie is all over the place. With Tom Hanks, America’s Everyman, that is if Everyman has a Danish female contractor trying to seduce him and an independent Arabian woman doctor becoming involved with him, the role acquires depth even if the scenes with his daughter (Tracey Fairaway) hold the film back as does the brief flashback scenes with (Tom Skerritt) his father.

The interesting visual scenes go from Alan (Hanks) and the doctor (Sarita Choudhury) in a swimming scene among coral reefs, wide spans of desert, a vision of what parts of that desert may develop by man plus the hologram(s) in the title. Now if only the movie had spent more time about the holograms it would have been interesting in a better way.

There are more scenes such as a high rise beautiful condo growing in a desert land that is being built by exploited foreign workers who offer a brutal way of life. There is also the introduction of Yousef (Alexander Black) who is more or less a cliché as a driver/guide, who is good but really could be eliminated from the picture without a loss except for about 20 minutes making the already short, 98 minutes, movie shorter.

“A Hologram for the King” does nothing for Tom Hanks’ career except solidify his likability while Choudhury is very impressive in her role and both in the underwater scenes are a delight as a couple.

In spite of the interesting visual scenes, and Tom Hanks, there is no way I can recommend this movie.


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Bamboo Asian Grill  7 April 7 2016 3  (1)

We had a groupon for Bamboo and decided to try it for lunch one day arriving at around 1 PM only to see the waiter? Owner? Manager? Chef? step outside to answer his cell phone. Another party of two arrived just before us and the 4 of us were at sea for a bit until I took a menu and we sat down at a table with the other couple doing the same.

Eventually Shawn–at least that is the name on the bill–took our drink order and finally our food order.  Aside from a woman coming out from the back with what looked like a delivery order we didn’t see anyone else working in the restaurant.

Allen ordered the sweet and sour chicken special ($7.50) served with a salad and veggie rice and a can of coke ($2). I had the Cashew Nut Chicken ($7.95) with miso soup and veggie rice plus a coke. We shared a large bowl of Red Bean ice cream.

There was nothing wrong with the food or the service but it all seems robotic and nothing really saying ‘You have to come back’.

Aside from the specials the regular priced items were a little bit higher than found on other menus.

With the groupon–$15 for $30 worth of food- the lunch cost us about $10 including tax and tip.

I did question allowing us to use the groupons on the specials but Shawn said that was okay.

I really see no reason for going to the Bamboo Asian Bristro, with or without a groupon, unless you like bamboo which all the different shades and kinds intrigued Allen!




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week of April 12 2016 Collage

Last week was a busy, tiring but good week. We went to see the touring stage production of “Cabaret”, a show that I hadn’t seen in 50 years, and the night before a new show, the stage adaptation of the movie “Dirty Dancing”. Wrote and posted the reviews late the night of the show or early in the morning. Also did my regular blogging, responding to comments, making posts, getting involved in discussions, answering 50 plus emails a day and just doing what one does.

We went to see the movies “Eye in the Sky” which was very good and “Mr. Right” which wasn’t and also wrote and posted the reviews. We ate at a couple of new restaurants like the Cuban/Mexican Fuego Latino, good, the coal pizza Anthony’s, not, the Bamboo Asian, just okay,  along with a few goodies but oldies like Denny’s, Subways and the Quarter Deck. Still have to write and post the reviews of the new restaurants.

Needless to say there were also the weekly trips to The Dollar Tree, Winn-Dixie plus stops at CVS and picking up my laundry at the cleaners.

I went to the hand surgeon and he said the finger is healing well and though I still haven’t looked at it while he was changing  the bandage—don’t laugh—but I had Allen take a picture of the bare finger and I am hoping to work up the courage to look at it that way. I do have to change the bandage every day and put some medical cream on it every day so-o-o-o-o-o time to bite the bullet. I go back to see him on Friday.

As busy as last week was this coming week—well 20 days—I will have Allen’s car so you know I will be running around and finding ways to spend money I don’t have and, hopefully, getting in trouble!

P.S. I changed the finger bandage, put the medical cream on it and a new bandage so I guess I am not the wuss/wimp I thought I was! 

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“MR. RIGHT”–A MOVIE REVIEW   1 comment

Sometimes, unfortunately, you go to a movie with expectations to be completely disappointed. Due to time and a doctor’s appointment we had a choice of going to see either “Demolition Man” or “Mr. Right”. I would rather have seen the former but I know Allen didn’t want to see it. I read somewhere that “Mr. Right” was a combination comedy/action/romantic independent movie along the lines of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Though I didn’t read the reviews I did go to metacritic and saw a couple of 70 and 80 ratings so I figured it were a good choice.

Yes Anna Kendrick is cute and acts bananas very believably while Sam Rockwell is just as crazy playing an assassinator who kills the people who hires him to kill others because he thinks it is wrong. They meet cute; they fall in love and then a lot of mayhem starts.

Trying to be a screwball comedy there are very few laughs and, in cases where it attempts to be a farce it goes way overboard. The movie is full of gangster clichés along with ridiculous fights whether with guns, knives, fists, feet or dancing—yes, Sam Rockwell is sort of a Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly dancing assassinator. Oh yes there are about 10 people out to kill him.

Okay, I will admit I smiled twice in the 90 minutes of the movie but at the end I turned to Allen and told him it was his fault for us seeing his. It is also your fault if you go to see this when something, anything, else is available to see!!


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