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Sometimes, unfortunately, you go to a movie with expectations to be completely disappointed. Due to time and a doctor’s appointment we had a choice of going to see either “Demolition Man” or “Mr. Right”. I would rather have seen the former but I know Allen didn’t want to see it. I read somewhere that “Mr. Right” was a combination comedy/action/romantic independent movie along the lines of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Though I didn’t read the reviews I did go to metacritic and saw a couple of 70 and 80 ratings so I figured it were a good choice.

Yes Anna Kendrick is cute and acts bananas very believably while Sam Rockwell is just as crazy playing an assassinator who kills the people who hires him to kill others because he thinks it is wrong. They meet cute; they fall in love and then a lot of mayhem starts.

Trying to be a screwball comedy there are very few laughs and, in cases where it attempts to be a farce it goes way overboard. The movie is full of gangster clichés along with ridiculous fights whether with guns, knives, fists, feet or dancing—yes, Sam Rockwell is sort of a Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly dancing assassinator. Oh yes there are about 10 people out to kill him.

Okay, I will admit I smiled twice in the 90 minutes of the movie but at the end I turned to Allen and told him it was his fault for us seeing his. It is also your fault if you go to see this when something, anything, else is available to see!!



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  1. Ha ha, thanks for the warning.

    Tina's Faerie Files

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