The Point 2 April 23 2016 (1)

The most often asked question of someone living in South Florida is, “Don’t you miss the 4 seasons?” and I can, emphatically, answer “NO!” Yes we have a couple of days when the high temperatures might only be in the 60s and on some very rare mornings it might even dip into the higher 40s but most of the time the average high temperatures in the winter from December to March are in the high 70s and the lows, in the early morning, 50s and 60s.

There are many jokes made about the ‘4 seasons’ like it is the early bird season, the snow bird season, the hot and hotter season not to forget the hurricane and rainy season! (We haven’t had a hurricane in 10 years plus the rainy season seems to be changing due to weather conditions but that’s another post.)

All the pictures in the slideshow were taken in late December and all through January. In the first picture if you look hard you will see the wild parrots that visit us every evening just before sundown!

Mother Nature doesn’t know from seasons and does her own thing like the Crepe Myrtle trees change their colors and drop off the leaves in January & February, not September and October!! Our autumn comes in the middle of winter.

You’ll see people canoeing or paddle boarding while yachts wait to take a trip. You’ll see a lemon tree with fruit so big they look like oranges. Hibiscus’s are in bloom in all colors, along with cacti and Egrets go hunting for food after each rainfall.

The Morning Glory and Marigold blooms are from seeds I bought March 2015 at the Dollar Tree store. In the last picture you’ll see Biscuit, the bigger older dog, playing with, tolerating? Meatball the young pup down at The Point while the humans talk about how all their relatives are freezing, fighting snow and ice! And, yes, we email you, call you and ask, “Don’t you wish you were here?” as we laugh to ourselves so that you don’t hear it!

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  1. And the insects are larger than the lap dogs. Bwah ha haha… how are you doing young man?

    Tina's Faerie Files

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