I had heard about the Top Hat Deli and the story behind it but wasn’t quite sure where it was until we dropped a friend off at the Greyhound bus terminal and there it was right next door.

It’s bright, new, trendy looking, well staffed who appeared to work as a good team so it looked like to a good start.

Whatever happened to the ‘customer is always right’ philosophy? Okay it didn’t always work at the Stage or Carnegie or Katz’s delis in NYC but if they had the ingredients you usually got what you wanted even if served sarcastically.

Two in the party ordered corned beef sandwiches and though we didn’t see anything about a side served with it–though it may be there on the menu somewhere– they were offered fries, chips, potato salad or slaw. One took the chips and another took the potato salad. Neither had ever had an egg cream so they ordered that as their drink.

Now comes the problem child–me! I wanted a combo pastrami and corned beef on rye and was basically told that I couldn’t get it unless I ordered two different sandwiches of one each! I didn’t, and still don’t, see the logic as to why I couldn’t get the combo sandwich unless they are getting their meats from the outside already portioned out though I don’t think that is the case.

I, too, had the ‘just a’  corned beef sandwich but didn’t order the egg cream as I wasn’t too happy with the ones the other guys got. I had coffee as my drink and the fries for my side.We all agreed the corned beef sandwich was excellent and, of the sides, the chips were the best.

The check came to $44.52 plus we left a 20% tip. I didn’t, actually see the check  but I have to assume the drink and side are included with the sandwich–maybe just at lunch?–as looking at their menu on the Internet the sandwich alone was priced at $14 so if it was all a la carte it would have come to around $64 before tax. as the sides were $4 each and the drinks $3.50.

$15.46 per person is about average for lunch in downtown Fort Lauderdale and, right now, they have plenty of free parking.

The bottom line? It’s a nice restaurant and one of only 3 delis in the area but if I can’t get what I want when it is available without having to pay double the price why should I return?


Top Hat Deli slideshow

Posted May 16, 2016 by greatmartin in RESTAURANT REVIEWS, Uncategorized

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