I very seldom if ever read reviews before I go to see a movie. I will usually go to see a film because of the stars or having seen or trailer, sometimes by word of mouth or by reading hype which gives me an idea what the movie is about.

I decided to see “The Nice Guys” because I like Russell Crowe though lately his movies haven’t been that good and his appearance is starting to reach the ‘sloppy’ stage. I haven’t made up my mind about Ryan Gosling as I have liked him in about 25% of the movies I have seen him in. At one time I was a big fan of Kim Basinger but she hasn’t done anything g major in movies. Another selling point for me was Matt Bomer who good looks are almost hidden.

After seeing the movie I came home and went to the Rotten Tomatoes site to see it got a 90% critic rating and a 88% audience score while Meta Critic gave it a 70% good critics rating.

“The Nice Guys” is the story of a mismatched pair of private eyes in the 1970s in Los Angeles working together to solve the mystery suicide of a porn star. It is being sold as a comedy and I didn’t even crack one smile though I must say Allen did laugh at a Nixon joke.

Though not the worst movie I have seen this year so far it was a waste of time except for seeing the real star of the movie, a 15 year old actress named Angourie Rice, who steals all the scenes she is in with Crowe and Gosling.

The screenplay and direction along with the production design even fail in recreating the 1970s era of dope, sex, bell bottom trousers and the disco scnene.

If you like the bathroom scene in the trailer then you will probably like this movie. I didn’t and I didn’t!




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2 responses to ““THE NICE GUYS”–A MOVIE REVIEW

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  1. Whoa, first negative review I’ve seen for this. That’s honestly A-OK with me. My expectations are super high and that usually leads to disappointment. (Still mad at Frozen.)

    Can you explain a bit more on how the production design fails? It looked awesome in the trailer.

    Nice review and if you’re interested I’m over at https://cookiesandopinions.wordpress.com/ reviewing movies myself.

    Jaden C. Kilmer
    • They put so much into the major scenes that they were a mess–showed too much and instead of concentrating on disco clothes they throw in drug scenes, Afros, drug takers, dancing, etc., not directed but almost as if the director shouted ‘do what you want’ to the actors and then told the cameraman to film it. The editing was sloppy.

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