From arrival until we left the words elegant and elegance were in my mind. Whether I have eaten in too many fast food restaurants or the latest ones which are between fast food and full service or the full service restaurants have been too mediocre Bistro Mezzaluna completely overwhelmed me in a good way.

It started with the base of the table as you enter the restaurant–maybe a silly thing but it is part of the aura of the whole experience.From the hostess to the serving team of Hector and Tommy to the main courses of Rigatoni Bolognese and Shrimp Scampi, which they split into 4 dishes when I casually mentioned to Allen that we should order 2 different items and share them. Our drinks were refilled before we even had a chance to ask.

The only mistake made was the one I made. We asked Hector to suggest a dessert and though he suggested the apple pie a la mode we decided on the flourless chocolate cake which, to us, was to dry which is one of its features.

With our drinks, coffee and diet cola,plus a 20% tip our check came to $57.70 though I really should have left a bigger tip!
As of this meal I have now narrowed my favorites restaurants to three and, ironically, all are Italian!
Bistro Mezzaluna is elegant from the fountain, the centerpiece of the outside dining area, to the bar lounge with the piano back to the base of that table at the entrance/exit.

Oh, I forgot to mention the menus that use recent technology and light up upon opening them.


Posted May 25, 2016 by greatmartin in RESTAURANTS, REVIEWS, Uncategorized

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