THE END OF SPRING 2016 WHERE I LIVE   Leave a comment

SPRING 1 MAY 2016 Collage

  1.  1Staple all year round but in Spring they just look fresher! The last of the two horse patrols left in Fort Lauderdale

2, 5, 9, 14 A new tenant in Building T moved in and is making everyone look beautiful! Thanks Laurie.

     3   Cut off the top, plant it and soon you have a pineapple!

      4, 8, 12, 15 The Point is beautiful every time of the year but the ever changing scene in June just adds a bit to the view.

     6 & 7 Okay it took me years but I finally grew a pepper from the pepper seeds I usually throw out—no more!

     10 A rose in front of building E—sadly because of the sun there is no aroma!

      11 A stag horn fern in front of building F—at least a decade old!

     13 In front of building G facing Karen Bay the palm blooms

     16 And in front of building D another flower in bloom—ME!


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