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sea watch 11 allen's car june 2 2016 (1)
(Allen’s new Cadillac)

A couple of weeks ago Allen traded his Caddie in for a 2016 one. I wanted him to get a red convertible but it turns out that Cadillac isn’t making convertibles but he did settle for the color red—not the bright fire engine red I wanted but it was red!

Allen and his twin grandchildren celebrate their birthday on June 18 so he goes up north to spend it with them. We have an agreement that in return for me taking him to the airport when he leaves and pick him up when he gets back I can use his car so now for 17 days I have freedom—to spend money!! Having a car is expensive as if I want something I can go and get it when I have a car. If I want to go somewhere I can get in the car and go!

If I know in advance when he is leaving I usually make some doctor appointments because without a car it is difficult and takes a whole day to get to and back from the appointments and, consequently, I have appointments next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 1 PM. Since I will be out I may be able to get a friend to clean my place as I don’t like being around and getting in the way.

This past Wednesday we had dinner at the Café Vico where I had my birthday party and then we, Anthony and I, went to see a good performance of “Beauty and the Beast” and then yesterday I went to see an excellent film called “Genius”—you can read my reviews of both. Thursday I did my usual Winn Dixie and Dollar Tree runs and I bought myself a new watch. No, not at the Dollar tree, though at one time they did sell dollar watches nor at Winn-Dixie. In any case see the pictures below for my new watch.

new watch 2 june 17 2016 (1)       new watch 2 june 17 2016 (2)

Today I will go out to Allen’s place, get his mail and check the condo. Sunday, having a car, I may check out the paper’s ads and if I want something I’ll go and get it—see what I mean having a car is expensive and I haven’t even mentioned the cost of gas going up again. (Good thing I have everything I need!)

I was thinking of taking a trip up to Orlando but my friend John there said I should wait. Right now they have people coming in from all over, pouring in, and they appreciate all the help they are getting but in 2-3 weeks they will be alone again when the next story takes over the media. John also suggested I stay away the 4th of July weekend as it will be crazy. It looks like the best time to go up, while I have the car, will be around the 27th and John said he will call me a few days before. Don’t know what I can do there but I am sure I can help in someone, somehow.

In any case I was told—and believe—living well is the best revenge and cruising around in a red Cadillac certainly helps. Somebody has to do it so it might as well be me.

Allen will also be going to England for a month at the end of August so I guess, once again, I will have to put up with taking care of the car—poor little me.

By the way you can start this car before you get in so the a/c will be on and in Fort Lauderdale in the summer that is a good thing to be able to do. Now if I could only figure out how to do it!! Guess I’ll have to read the manual!

 allen rok burger   nov 15 2919   1

Thanks for being my friend Allen and trusting me with your car.

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