I found one scene in “Finding Dory” to be absolutely ridiculous and while shaking my head I heard my brain saying, “What can be more ridiculous than an 80 year old man having a ball watching a cartoon about talking fish and enjoying himself, probably more than the kids in the audience?”

I don’t know which was more fun recognizing old friends like Dory, the blue tang fish who has no short term memory, or Nemo and Marlin, the clown fish or meeting new friends like a very near sighted shark, a very strange octopus who can somewhat drive a truck and a beluga fish who can see outside of his surroundings.

You are very quickly drawn into the picture as we meet Dory and her old and new friends. You not only are in their world but you believe the world exists no matter what situations they get into and out of, in the strangest ways!

We are brought up to snuff regarding “Finding Nemo” and quickly get into Dory looking for her parents. “Finding Dory” is a little heavier and sadder than the first movie.  Though Dory’s movie is only about 3 minutes longer than Nemo’s because of its heavier scenes about friends and family it seems a lot longer. A lot more characters are introduced, some quickly who come and go, others become an important part of the picture.

From the opening vignette, before the titles, up to the funny ‘bits’, mainly by Hank the octopus, under the closing credits, “Finding Dory” is a good film for the kids and the adults. Of the many films I have seen this year so far I would rate “Finding Dory” in the top 5.

Yes Ellen DeGeneres is back as Dory and Albert Brooks is Nemo’s father, while Nemo is now voiced by Hayden Rolance along with Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy as Dory’s parents, Ty Burrell as Bailey the  Beluga whale, Kaitlin Olson as Destiny the near sighted shark among many others but don’t waste time trying to figure out who is what creature as it will only drive you crazy!

I do expect a feature like “Finding Destiny and Bailey” in 2-3 years!!

By the way we adults outnumbered the kids at the matinee which might say something—or not!



Movie Trailer


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