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I WAS ON THE PHONE THIS MORNING FOR 3 AND 2/2 HOURS EATING AWAY AT MY BILLED MINUTES!! You know—the automatic recorded messages and, what must be, the automatic ‘please wait you call is important to us’ (so we will only have you on hold for 20 minutes!!)

First I had a voice mail from my eye doctor that said my appointment was being moved from August 8 to August 18 after having been previously for July 25 plus it is not at the Galleria office which is 5 minutes from me but to their office at least 30 minutes away. I called the Galleria office–and after THE wait–was told I would have to call the appointment office and after THAT wait I had to call the emergency office where I had to leave my phone number to be called back–I have a feeling that might not happen! And I am still waiting!

Then I had to call a company about an order I placed last week–got an email from them and it was all wrong!!! I called them and–yes, after THAT wait–I got through to someone explaining the package wasn’t for me but for someone else and that they had the date wrong.

Okay, next was trying to get someone from my Primary doctor’s organization to complain about their stopping transportation to and from their office for my appointments which is why I switched over to them in January. After searching their web page where they list 4 different offices they do a big thing on the founder of the company but no way of contacting him or HIS office. After that mandated wait the woman who answered said she would take the information and pass it on to someone who will get back to me.  I am not holding my breath!Ans I am still waiting!

And then I thought another disaster–I had an appointment with the hand surgeon at 1 PM—you are suppose to be ready for your HMO ride an hour before your appointment time so I was ready at Noon and I am only 5 minutes away from his office. 12:45 still no ride or call from the driver that they were on the their way so I called transportation and as I was talking to them on one phone I got a ring on the other phone–OH WAIT!!! I forgot to tell you that other phone went dead last night and the first thing I did this morning was call that company–it was my first ‘you are important to us’ recording but eventually it got fixed.

Okay back to the call on the one phone while I was on the other–it was the driver waiting downstairs for me!! Hurray!! It was the transportation company I requested–why? Today is a good example. As we were driving there I told her that it only took me 5 minutes with the hand surgeon as he just looked at it, said it was healing nicely and, as he always does, his sense of humor, “I really did a great job!” and “see you in 2-3 weeks” and I would be finished. She said her next rider wasn’t until 1:35 that she would wait for me. (All I could see was something going wrong and having her next rider late for their appointment and their blood pressure going up as they waited for the driver to get there!)

In any case that is exactly what happened BUT there were two changes. First of all I didn’t have the finger covered up/bandaged and I explained to him I had kept it bare since Saturday afternoon and second, after admiring his work and saying ‘see you in two weeks’, he added ‘and we will fit you for a prosthetic.’ At this point we haven’t discussed whether the insurance will pay for it and if not what would it cost–I leave that for the August 2 appointment.

I was at home by 1:20 PM and told the driver about my next two appointments and that I had asked for their company–hopefully I will get it! Now if only someone had bought me that car and a year’s auto insurance for my birthday!!!!!

It’s 2:20 PM–time to take a book or magazine and go out in the heat and humidity and sunshine at The Point and relax–and NOT bringing a phone along!!

How is your day going?!?!?!

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