wall coverings july 2016 Collage

I posted about finishing and hanging the collage I had been working on since March. After it was up for a few days I noticed there was enough room for more pictures.

I don’t know when, where, how or why it started but at one time in my life my motto became “If there is space on the wall put up a framed picture!”

I do remember being in St. Louis, going to the home of a friend’s friend and that in a room, off their living room and kitchen, they had hung framed Playbills of shows they had seen on the ceiling! I thought it was a great idea and I started doing the same wherever I live(d).

As anyone who knows me I don’t know what moderation means so wherever you look in my current apartment—kitchen, living/dining room, hallway, bathroom, bedroom—there are framed photos. They consist of theatre I have seen, pictures of my life through the years, Leap Year birthdays, couples I know, exes, people I know/met, plaques I have received, decals, paintings I bought or were given, etc.

There isn’t a room in my apartment that I can’t look around and get a smile on my face.

I know some people (Hi Maria) go crazy when they see my pictures of my walls—they would love to straighten out all the crooked pictures BUT that is/was part of my theme—there is none!

Excuse me—I just saw a spot for a 5X7 frame!!!


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