Yes I am free to come and go as I like, to go where I want when I want! Free to cruise around town, to spend money, to go to doctors when I want. FREE!!!!

From Monday August 15 at 6 PM until September Monday September 12 6:30 PM I have Allen’s car. First thing I did was book 11—yes, count them 11—doctor’s appointments. It is my yearly visit to specialists along with going to my primary for a complete blood workup. Also included this year is going to be evaluated for a finger prosthesis and possibly having it done.

Then aside from going to Allen’s place to check the condo and bring in the mail I have a list of things I need/want plus places I want to go to, animated films I want to see that Allen doesn’t like going to see.

Sure I’ll complain about spending too much money and, maybe, getting into trouble but instead of having to stay at home 5 out of 7 days—though I love where and how I live—I’ll be able to go to the park, down to the waterfront, special events going on around town and just enjoy the freedom of having a car again!

Ah! Free again!



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