15th Street Fisheries June 4 2016 Collage

I’ve experienced much better–at this same restaurant!! A few years ago I use to be a regular for dinner but it has been awhile. A friend was celebrating a birthday and wanted to take us out for lunch and picked this place.

Obviously having a new owner and being out of season hasn’t hurt the restaurant as it was crowded. Not given a choice I wasn’t aware that upstairs was open as I would have preferred eating there instead of being put at a table where I was almost on top of the party behind us.

From the beginning I was happy to see that the service was excellent and Marie did a good job from beginning to end.

We all started off with a cup of conch chowder of which 3 were served in a cup and the 4th in a bowl with the reason being they ran out of cups!! Two in the party had the coconut fried shrimp and one the calamariĀ  rings while I had the Joe’s sizzler skillet. It was suppose to be fish, shrimp and scallops with hearts of artichokes and tomatoes in a white wine sherry sauce. Where to start? I am still looking for a scallop though I did find 3 shrimp and there was plenty of fish and instead of a sauce it was a paste while there was nothing sizzling about it. I did enjoy the side of slaw. Let’s not even mention the 2 rolls(?) served on the side of the skillet. No one said anything pro or con on what they were eating.

For dessert one had the Key Lime pie and said the one at the Sea Watch was better while two of us had the triple chocolate brownie–I have no idea what the ‘triple’ was suppose to mean but even a scoop of ice cream didn’t help!

Were they serving the dinner menu upstairs? Would we have had a better meal? I have no idea.

Sitting where we were we had no view to speak of so the atmosphere was just that of sitting inside any restaurant.

The only saving grace was the service.

Bottom line? It may be a few years before I go back!


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