Cabo Blanco Collage

Excellent service by a male and female server who looked like teenagers but in all likelihood weren’t. Restaurant is bright, inviting and comfortable. Food portions are large, taste excellent and fairly priced. The whole atmosphere was completely different, all in a good way, then it was years ago as a Jewish Israel restaurant.

I asked the server for a suggestion and when she immediately answered I told her fine. Now I wish I had asked her what it is and more about the dish and sauce because it was delicious. I usually will take a copy of the bill so I can get the server’s name, prices and dish name but this time all I got was the credit card receipt which didn’t tell me anything of that!

I am guessing that the dish was Picante De Mariscos ($16.99) from the description on the take out menu: Chef choice, shrimp, calamary, octopus in special sauce, served with rice but then it might have been Pescado A Lo Macho which also included a breaded filet of fish. In any case the sauce was delicious and I cleaned my plate not leaving a drop.

Anthony had the Arroz Con Pollo, Peruvian style, ($10.99) which was cooked in dark beer and had a cilantro sauce and raved about it.

I just had water and Anthony had an iced tea (no ice–it was fun seeing the server’s reaction!) so now that I am looking at the receipt I am sort of questioning the total as I had a groupon that was worth $30 so how I had to pay an additional $10 isn’t right as the food came to $27.68 plus 6% tax means the iced tea cost over $10???

The only reason I am pointing this out is that I was a waiter for over 38 years and I know to check a check before paying as mistakes do happen!

I left a $10 tip so altogether it came to $50 whereas it should have been $35 total including a 20% tip.


With all that I will definitely be back as I was impressed with all aspects of the restaurant and I want to try many items on the menu!

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