ALLEN’S CAR AND MY CAMERA PART 1   Leave a comment

I had/have Allen’s car from August 15-September 12 which gave me a lot of freedom to go and do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. Usually I am home Saturday through Wednesday with Allen taking me shopping and any errands I have on Thursday and on Friday we will go to a movie. When I have to go to a doctor I have to ‘waste’ 2-3 hours for each appointment waiting on transportation to and from the doctor’s office.

Now I had a car and could do all sorts of things, some even crazy and/or expensive but I could do it!! One quick example—Winn-Dixie has “Weekend Only Specials”  and this past Saturday I went and bought the specials: pint of Blue Belle Ice Cream $1, 3 kinds of sausage each $2, Mr. P’s Pizza $1, skinned chicken drumsticks $1 a pound and who was I to say “No” so I didn’t.

I didn’t plan on a gout attack but luckily I had a car and could go out getting meds and cherry juice and concentrate—see my other post about it.

Here are just a few of the things I did—and this was just the first week—without mentioning movies and a few ‘private’ things.

1) Allen’s car

2) Edgar as we entered into Burger21 for lunch

3) Calvin and I at the Fire Fusion Pizza restaurant

4) The fish tank in my eye doctor’s office.

5) Full moon August 18

6-8) Went to The Home Depot to get some soil and Geraniums but they were out of the latter so will go back next week and get them

9-14) Anthony and I went to the Jalisco restaurant

15-17) Holiday Park

18-19) There is a sign on this tree that they will be removing it but not giving any excuse. They do provide a phone number for information which I plan on calling. I know it is an old tree and could be diseased but I would like to know if that is true.

20) My podiatrist’s office—that was the second of 12 doctor appointments!!!

Luckily I had a car and could get to the doctor’s office in 15 minutes and get home in the same amount of time IF (more about that later) I wanted to!

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