There is no end to what you can do when you have a car including spending money!! Though I manage to do that whether I have a car or not having one just makes it that easier as you can see by this video!

1) THE car

2) Among other things it is easy to get to the drugstore to pick up meds whereas without a car it involves waiting until you can get a ride there.

3 )Now doing other things are even easier such as going to my favorite movie house The Gateway. This week they have 3 movies I want to see and saw the first “Southside With You” which is my type of movie! (Review posted.)

4) If you know anything about me you know I love to eat out so look for my review of La Bamba which opened their 6th restaurant recently. It is not a franchise operation by family owned.

5-7) Calvin and I went to lunch at the Flash Fire Pizza restaurant. I had been there before and wasn’t really impressed with it but his friend Marcus works there—makes the pizza so off we went.

8 & 9) Definitely an advantage to having a car, as mentioned before, is getting to and from doctors easily. As soon as I knew I would have Allen’s car I made appointments with all my specialists which will be ending with an appointment and talking to my primary about all the results. In this case it really was an advantage in having my own ride as when I got to the NET doctor’s office it seems he had moved to a new location and if I didn’t have a car I would have been stranded. Anyone who takes HMO transportation knows what I mean and that is why I got the uber app in case something like that happened! (By the way for those who don’t know NET stands for nose, ear and throat—really!)

10) Mexican food one day, pizza another and on a beautiful afternoon if you want to hop into the car and go for French food at the Sage restaurant you just do.

11 & 12)  With or without a car one thing never changes and that are the many variations of the skies that Mother Nature provides us with !




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