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cabo blanco 2 aug 30 2016Collage

Reason 4,582 that I love living alone is that I can do what I want when I want. The other day I went to my primary doctor to have my quarterly blood work done. I had to fast the 12 hours before and had other problems (well fasting IS a problem to me!!) such as my insurance company okaying my finger prosthesis, getting some med refills, etc. and Michelle, in the office, got everything straightened out.

I was originally scheduled to meet with my doctor on Wednesday September 7 at 1 PM to go over the blood report so I had to reset my eye doctor appointment which was at the same time. It is less than a mile away so scheduled it for 2:30 PM. Well it turns out my primary had to cancel her appointment so I decided to stop at the eye doctor’s office to give them the referral for the exam plus change the appointment back to 1 PM, which I did. As I came out I looked at the Cabo Blanco which I had reviewed a few days ago giving it an excellent review. I decided I have a car, I have all the time in the world as I don’t have anyone—not a ‘partner’, ‘lover’, ‘roommate’ or (a word I hate—sorry but I’ll get into why some other day) ‘husband’—so in I went to the restaurant.

Once again I had a fantastic meal which consisted of a cup of freshly made soup which came with the lunch menu followed by a HUGE plate of large shrimp—a dozen of them!! At a lunch!!—on linguini mixed in a dark sauce with fresh green peppers, tomatoes, scallions and onions. It was delicious and I cleaned the plate (just to make the dishwasher’s job easier!) And it cost $8.99 I wanted dessert and asked the waiter what he had in ice cream and he said they had an excellent ice cream that is frozen and served on chocolate sauce made out of a popular Peruvian fruit called Lucuma so I ordered it as I love tasting new things. The waiter was right as it was delicious—and being single I didn’t have to share any of it with anybody!!

I took an hour and a half eating as I was reading a book about Madeline Kahn called “Being the Music: A Life” by William V. Madison—now if I wasn’t single I wouldn’t have been able to do that!!

I went to the drugstore to pick up my meds which weren’t ready. It had been raining all day sometimes heavy, sometimes light, and I decided not to wait. Now being single I don’t have to, and I won’t, tell what happened on the way home and for the next 3 hours!!! (Sorry but some things I just don’t talk about!)

Next Wednesday when I go back for my eye exam I will probably once again have lunch at the Cabo Blanco

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