summer time and the living is easy 2016 Collage


All I hear is how hot and humid it is in South Florida in the summertime and all I can think of is how nice and easy it is to get around, go places and relax in Fort Lauderdale in June to September.

Just a few of the things I did in 10 days:

1) Allen went to England so I had/have his car. Sure I had 9-11 doctor appointments but I was able to make them for when I wanted and I didn’t have any problems going or coming!

2) At any time of the day I can look up at the bright sunny sky with pillows of clouds going by. If you get lucky you can see the plane in the top cloud.

3 & 4) I can look out my window or go out on the walkway and see trees swaying and the moon high up in the sky.

5 to 7) And I can walk around Gateway and see Laurie working in her garden and look in any direction and see flowers.

8 & 9) On my own window sills I can see peppers and tomatoes, planted from seeds I scooped out when I was using the originals to make a meal.

10 to 14) And then there is taking a break in an a/c restaurant without any lines or having to wait whether it is a sandwich at Arby’s or shrimp and sausage mixed in rigatoni at the Cheesecake Factory where the cheesecake was so good I didn’t have time to take a picture but I did have time to take a picture of our pleasant and excellent waiter DELEAN! Of course always take time to visit one of my favorite restaurants, Big Louie’s, where I had their always excellent Stromboli!

15 &16) Then there is always the summertime when the ‘smaller’, ‘independent’ ‘quiet’ movies come out such as the excellent “Captain Fantastic” with an Oscar worthy role by Viggo Mortensen.

  1. Whether it be sitting in the park reading a book–just finished “I Wanna Be A Producer”–or just looking at the squirrels, doves, pidgeons or people moving about it is a pleasant pasttime of summer in Fort Lauderdale!

Yes, summertime and living in Fort Lauderdale is easy with so much more to look forward to and with a car I’ll get there!!


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