Don’t go–I was horrified that groupon was selling for this place. First time EVER, and I have been with groupon for awhile and have used many of them, to see that they were associated with any place like this–and I am not alone–I just read yelp reviews and there are many 1 star reviews as mine will be when I post it.

I looked at the home web page and if you want the opposite place of a restaurant on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach then come to this restaurant but, please, please, don’t eat here. It is mainly a place to take out or have a pizza delivered. There is really no table service and the very small tables are so sticky that the pizza box sticks to it. Oh did you expect plates, silverware or service? Not here.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be so hard on a place but if this is a franchise operation or owned by a corporation or even a family it should be closed immediately

Regarding the food, they didn’t have any of the 8 Panini’s, some of the pizzas were crossed out. We did order the Rustica meat pizza ($19.75) which had on it: ‘tangy plum sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, artichoke hearts, olives, fresh diced tomatoes, prosciutto ham, sun dried tomatoes, garden grown basil drizzled with extra virgin olive oil’. Their Supreme pizza was more of a meat pizza then their ‘house specialty’ was but that’s another story. The cheese was excellent while the rest of the pizza’s items were overwhelmed with the taste of the basil.

When I ordered the homemade chocolate sweet cannons ($3.95) for dessert we were told that it would take 35-40 minutes and, yet, the pizza wasn’t even started on. Long story short, the cannon (singular) came about a minute after we were served the pizza. It is described as ‘homemade Rustica crust filled with Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella ™ and creamy cheese.

I had a can of diet soda and Anthony a can of iced tea—I have no idea of how much they cost though on the menu it says ‘2 liter soda’ $3 and combined they weren’t a liter.

I was not given a check or a receipt—my fault as I didn’t ask for one—so I have no idea what the total bill came to but though he didn’t ask for any more money I have to assume I reached thegroupon $30 limit.

This is not an easy place to get to even if you know how to get to it and it certainly is not worth your time and money when they are so many full service excellent Italian/pizza/Panini restaurants in the area.


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