IT’S ALL OVER!! THE CAR GOES IN A FEW HOURS!! :o(   Leave a comment


I am sitting here waiting for the phone to ring and hearing Allen’s voice telling me to come pick him up at the train station! (It is easier and faster to take the train from the Miami airport than to drive there and back.)

The past few days have been hectic but today I am just taking it easy, getting ready to go back into my old routine, not having transportation at my beck and call though if I call Allen he would take me wherever I needed/wanted to go and Anthony has also offered hischauffeur services when and if I need them.

In any case it was shopping, movie going, going to Allen’s place to bring his mail in, getting a few thousand—okay maybe not a thousand—things done.

One of the first things you need to know when you have a car is where the bank (1) and gas stations (2 & 3) are as a car does call for money to keep it running plus money for where it takes you!  I know it costs money for me to go to The Dollar Tree (4), Winn Dixie (5) and a new part of my food shopping The Fresh Market (6). They have a different ‘4 meals for $20’ each week and not only are they real good they are a big money saver!

Also after all that running around we had to stop and get some nourishment so we tried a new restaurant (7) Kelvin 3200—that’s Anthony in the front—look for my review soon. I don’t know if it is the way I treat servers or I have just been lucky but I don’t have a single complaint of service I have had recently and James (8) was a gem—perfect! (Reminded me of my serving days—doing and saying the right thing!)

Talking about Anthony he is a good friend to have!! I wanted to have some ice cream for dessert at Kelvin 3200 but they didn’t have any and I forgot to get some at Winn-Dixie and mentioned it when I got home and Anthony handed me a container (9)—okay, okay it wasn’t ice cream but gelato and he doesn’t believe me when I emailed him about an hour later when I told him he gave me an empty container (10) but he meant well.

I also had to go to the park and say goodbye to my bird (11 & 12) and squirrel (13 & 14) friends since I don’t know the next time I will see them though I did tell them where I lived! Afterwards I went to see “Sully” which I really enjoyed (15) and here I am today (16) after 28 days of having a car, tired, worn out, broke, fatter but a happy guy.

(Now if Allen would only call me and say he decided to stay in England or going to France with Philippe for another month!!! LOL)



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