“Bridget Jones’s Baby” opens with Bridget Renee Zellweger) celebrating her 43rd birthday at home alone with a single candle in a cupcake. She is thinner than before, has a good job as a TV producer and without any prospects in the romance department. One of her past suitors, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) has died and she broke up with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) who got married.

As only as movies can do it Mark reappears in her life just as a new man Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey) appears, she goes to bed with both (NO! Not at the same time!) and guess what happens! (Read the title of the film folks!) We, she and they spend the next hour and a half (out of 2 hours) trying to figure which one is the father. Yes there is an easy way to find out who the father is but then there would be no movie.

Should you not be able to figure out who the father is by the scene in the Italian restaurant you haven’t seen a lot of movies.

Zellweger’s British accent gets a little too heavy at times, Dempsey seems to never have shaved during the movie constantly having that ugly 5 o’clock shadow and Firth’s saving grace is that he holds back with the smiles so when he shows one he lights up the film.

The supporting cast does their job and the film provides a few, very few, laughs, some slapstick and almost no feelings.

“Bridget Jones’s Baby” is a pleasant film but if you don’t see it you won’t be missing a thing.



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