Summertime in Fort Lauderdale Part 4   Leave a comment


The calendar may say autumn but the weather hasn’t gotten the message yet though we did go all the way down to a high of 91 degrees yesterday!!

We are now past the hottest part of the year in South Florida. Aside from the heat, humidity and sun feeling like it is cooking you we get very heavy rains at least once a day either early morning or late evening which makes you feel like you are in a sauna! Have I convinced you to NOT come to Florida in August or September? GOOD!!!

Those two months are a delight for people who live here as we don’t fight crazy drivers from the North or tourists causing lines at favorite restaurants. Traffic flows freely, why some of us even walk—in the shade of trees, of course.

To me one of the amazing things about the hot summertime in Fort Lauderdale is what Mother Nature gives to human beings to make life so much better.

We get smooth waters for people to go canoeing (3) or skim the boat over the bay leaving white tails of foam (5). At night she gives us a full moon and sometimes throws in a startling lightening show (8). And then there are flowers of all colors, sizes and shapes not to mention some I have never seen before or even know the name of them (9).

It will cool off later in September—okay, okay. The temperature will be in the high 80s, low 90s and we will keep our fingers crossed that November will bring the end of hurricane season and we will have made it through a 12 year of not seeing Mother Nature’s wrath.

Complain of the heat if you must but know that one person at least is loving it!


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