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In reality it is such a beautiful day and I am at such a good point in my life I really have nothing that demanding to rant about. That title really should just be rant, not rants, and I very seldom rant in my posts but I will rant on people’s posts who just write stupid things! Right now I am thinking of 3 people who would swear they aren’t bigots, racists, anti gay, etc., and yet the majority of their posts and/or comments are either racist, bigoted, anti gay and, not even realizing it, anti Christian though they claim to be Christian. I just had to explain to one to do research before making a comment showing they don’t really know what they are talking about just like the one from Australia has no idea how America ‘works’ but is raedy to tell us what is wrong with America and Americans at the drop of a hat. Okay, enough about rants!

The first time I saw Barbra Streisand (1) was at the Bon Soir a small club on 8th Street in Greenwich Village across the street from Mary’s, a gay bar that I use to go to in my teens, in the early 1960s. (I, also, saw Carol Burnett there.) Then I saw her in “You Can Get It For Wholesale” and then the show that made her a Star “Funny Girl”. I would also see her in the evening concert in Central Park plus during the decade I lived in Memphis I flew to Las Vegas to see her 3 times.

Now she is appearing in Fort Lauderdale and Miami during ‘season’ and though I would love to see her one last time (she maintains that she will no longer tour) with a price of $1,250 for the best seats (including a gift package!) and $895 in the rest of the orchestra and the lowest being $95 in the last rows guess I will have to skip it.

On Thursday, after getting my new glasses (16) I introduced Allen to Cabo Blanco (3-5) and he was impressed as I was!

With summer ‘over’—HA!!! Only 91 degrees this afternoon!—we are getting heavier rains (6-7) though it is hard to tell how wild the wind and rain are blowing in these pictures. It looks like we may get away—keeping my fingers crossed—for a 12th year without a hurricane! Three months to go.

I am going to have to get a better picture of John’s new hobby (page 8). I have written about how artistic he is before—and two of his pieces will be shown for sale at Art Serve in Fort Lauderdale Saturday October 1- and all these have spinning parts that will just hypnotize you! They make great presents and with the holidays coming up keep it in mind!

If you ever come across #9—Kale Krunch—RUN!!! They are awful.

#10 a picture in the park while 11 & 12 are plants on the sill in my apartment. Can’t forget the green pepper plants (14 & 15) that started with seeds from some peppers I had bought to cook with. Right now they have about 10 white blossoms so I am hoping I’ll get some peppers!

Next door to the Metro PCS store that I got the new phone from was a Jimmy John’s hero store #13 and they certainly live up to their boast about making the ‘freaky fast’ heroes but I prefer the taste (and breads) of Subway.

Last, but not least, the 20th anniversary tour of “Rent” (#2) opens at the Broward Performing Arts Center on Friday, October 7 officially starting our Bank of America Broadway Tours 2016-2017 season! (Look for a post on a new web page I will be writing in conjuncture withthat.)


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