Right up front let me say that I went to Kelvin 3200 not knowing their ‘grand opening’ was 2 weeks away. They have a lot to do, and fix, before that date and I suggest they start by fixing the entrance to the left of the door that use to hold various kinds of beers. Yes, this was another restaurant and it failed and before that another restaurant that was a success up to a point. The outdoor section is nice and a ‘southern garden’ would be perfect in that empty beer section!

Oh did I mention that Kelvin 3200 is NOT a high priced steak house though the name might suggest it. It is a Southern bistro/cafe/restaurant with a menu boasting many of grandma’s recipes.

Right now the only thing that is perfection is the server James! He is a gem who knows how to sell food, interact with customers and made everything seem more of an experience than it was. He knew the right thing to say and do without putting the place or the cook down when it came to the food.

There is nothing ‘southern’ about the decor as it appears the interior has not been changed a bit since the last place closed except they have white butcher paper on the tables now.

The food? We started off with an appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes ($6) with a good coating but tomatoes that weren’t firm enough for a dish the South is proud of! We both had the fried chicken ($12)—2 pieces with your choice of white or dark meat– which came with 2 sides Anthony having mac ‘n cheese and broiled okra and I had the grits and corn bread stuffing.  Our drinks were Iced Tea–no ice!!! That’s the way Anthony likes it!–and I had a Diet Coke, each $2.49

The chicken had a tasty, but too thick, coating while the grits were tasteless as only grits can be if they aren’t ‘jazzed up’ Southern style which can be done in many different ways.

The check came to $37.08 with tax plus we left a $10 tip because James was that good!

Kelvin 3200 made a mistake by opening too soon and we made a mistake by coming to eat there too soon. I am hoping they fix things by their official opening date. If not let us know where James is working!!


(Oh yes, though there is plenty of free parking though it can be a little tricky entering and leaving the plaza using Dixie Highway.)


Posted September 28, 2016 by greatmartin in FOOD, FORT LAUDERDALE, RESTAURANT REVIEWS, Uncategorized

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