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I am sure I will not use any of the correct medical terms but I wasn’t exactly listening! I did learn that Matthew is a Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist but I call him my ‘finger man’ which he finds very funny!

For those who don’t know–and IF you want to read the whole story go back to my March posts–my right hand ringfinger was chopped off above the knuckle and, now, 7 months later I am getting a prosthetic finger.

Matthew took me into a room and laid down some wrapping paper and told me to stand on it with my hands hanging loosely and comfortable by my side. He covered both with some sort of jell/gel(?) and two trainees with him started to cover the right hand with some gray glop/plastic glue making sure every bit from the wrist to the tips of the fingers were completely covered. (First picture on the left.) Then after 5 minutes or so he made a slight cut on the side of the ‘cast’ and with me wiggling my fingers he took it off–see the 2 center pictures and you can see the shortened ringfinger. After awhile he repeated the process with the left hand–see picture on right. 

After that was finished he took me outside in the bright light and took 4 pictures: the palms and backs of both hands. He expalined that ‘they’ (the factory) would match the color of my skin to the mold, work the new finger so that it would fit comfortably over the stub of my finger and if I wore my ring on it no one would be able to tell the difference.

All in all it took an hour from beginning to end and Matthew said it would be ready in 5-6 weeks (which usually means 6-7!) and I must admit the whole process is mind boggling to me and I can’t wait to see the results.


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