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(“Beautiful” cast taking curtain calls May 10, 2016)

One of the most puzzling things I see in the theatre is people running up the aisles just as the actors are taking their bows! Why? So they can get home 5 minutes earlier? Let’s forget the money they have paid for their tickets, and possibly going out for dinner, my immediate question is could any of them do what the actors just did?

Could they sing, dance and act for 2 hours if not more? Can they memorize the words/lines that an actor has to in order to do their job? Are they good enough to look comfortable on stage, living and making the audience believe they are real people, not fictional characters thought up by a writer?

I don’t think most audience members realize what goes into a production and how many people are involved in a play or musical. When the actors take their bows they are representing the set designers, light designers, directors, producers, costume designers and all the people involved giving the labor to build the kitchen table, the bedroom, whatever is on the stage. They represent all the stagehands it takes to get a show and the actors on stage.

Every show I want to trip people as they run up the aisle or stop them and ask “What’s the rush?” or tell them “If you won the lotto you won’t be able to get the money tonight so why not applaud those on stage?”

The audience members only see one performance but all those connected with the play have worked on it for weeks if not months and don’t just work 2 hours a night! There are long hours of rehearsals, learning where and when to move on stage while someone has to be sure the phone rings when it is suppose to plus be in the room on stage.

It takes five minutes to thank those who have put in the work for you to see a performance. I agree we give standing ovations too easily for most plays and musicals and not all performances are outstanding while, very rarely, some are just bad but even in the latter case one should acknowledge the time and work they have put in and, again, what is so important that you don’t have 5 minutes to thank a cast for memorizing their parts, not bumping into furniture and in most cases making you laugh, or feel emotions that can move you? And if you feel they deserve it stand up, applaud and, in some cases yell that “Bravo”!

By the way in most musicals today there is sort of an encore when the players take their bows either reprising songs from the show and in some cases can be the highlight of the show—“Mamma Mia!” is a good example–which you will miss running up the aisle plus getting in the way of those who want to acknowledge the actors and see what they are doing!

Also many who run out think they will get out of the parking garage, or get their car faster from the valet, but they will get tied up while by the time those who awarded the actors with applause will stroll out, get their car and miss most of the traffic jam!


Hamilton: An American Musical Curtain Call: July 9, 2016



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